Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week 23: Hmm. Not my favorite.

Well, I'm not really happy with last week's hat. It's a baby watch cap, which should have been a simple enough pattern. It started out as a baby baseball cap, but after a few rows it was clear that was not what it was turning into.
Squeaker of course looks cute in it, but the pictures hide the flaws pretty well.
For some reason it was really tight around the back of the hat and the brim had to be rolled up to look okay.
It was knit using a K2P6 pattern, so that it would have a cool "knobby" look to it. However, it looked way better once I turned it inside out.

I guess all the hats can't be winners!  I should be pleased with myself that I've had so many successes. Here are more cute pictures of the Squeaker!  He's getting so he can motor around well and is pulling himself up on everything!

Take care!

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