Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 44: It sort of looks like a pine cone.

Kind of. 
 Especially if you squinch your eyes up really tight while you're looking. 
See, if you compare it side by side to a real pine cone, you can totally see the resemblance. 
I do think this is a super cute, very simple hat. It has a nice textured pattern and the wonderful oatmeal-ly color of the yarn carries it off well.  Plus, there are adorable doodlies at the top. 

I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend with your family and friends. Lots of love from my family to yours!
(Dr. Nick, Twiggy, JM, Squeaks, Turtle, and Peanut)
Take care,

Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 43: Gobble Gobble!

Oh, so far behind....I'm better now though. I finally finished and took pictures of the week 43 hat--a turkey!  And not just any old turkey hat, I mean, anyone could do that right? This is a hand-print turkey hat!
You can see it right? It's just like those hand prints you would draw in school and color in.
I love the little detail of the turkey waddle.

I love this one because the turkey feathers make it look like Squeaks has a liberty spike. 

And now, the many faces of Squeaker, the Turkey Boy:

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 42: Baby bear, baby bear

Hello all! This is such a darling hat, for such a darling baby. I have a friend who had a baby a few weeks ago. He is their third, and smallest, weighing in at a "tiny" 9 pounds 6 ounces. Yup, he's the tiny one. For beautiful baby E, I knitted a baby bear hat.

Complete with perfect little ears. 
Oh no, it's a ferocious bear at the zoo!

Growl, growl, growl!
Look at those choppers. 

Coming soon.....more from the Northwoods theme!
Take care,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 41: The itsy bitsy spider.

I love Halloween! I had so much fun with this series of hats. I managed to eek in one final "halloweenie" type hat. 
 Although, given the number of spiders that have moved in and taken up residence in the corners of the living room, a spiderweb hat could be appropriate for months to come.
This hat was very easy. It is just a regular grey knit cap, with white stitching put on afterward to mimic the web.
Topped off with a little purple spider. I did cheat and crocheted the spider. What? Can't knitters embellish with some crochet now and then?
If I were to make this hat again, I would chose a different color for the spider. I thought a tiny lilac spider would be so sweet, but it doesn't provide enough contrast against the grey background. Maybe a dark purple? Or standard old black?
Still, it totally looks like a spiderweb! And Squeaker is totally adorable in it!

Coming soon, a baby bear!  Or so I hope....

Take care,