Monday, July 4, 2011

Week 24: Baby you're a firework!

Whew. I was feeling a little bad about myself and my artistic skills since I hated last week's hat so much. I made up for it this week with an extra adorable Baby Firecracker Hat.
A perfect Independence Day hat. Or really, a hat for any day. I think fireworks are great year round!
I knitted this one using superwash merino wool. I know, you're thinking "Wool? In July?" It's so lovely though, it feels like it's cotton yarn; really light and kind of sproingy. I'm a little infatuated. It was great to work with. 
I made this hat in the pretty standard fashion, but with a "stalk" on the top that has three strands coming off it and pompoms on the ends. It's like a roman candle. 

I'm getting kind of lazy as I'm nearing the halfway point. No, I'm just trying to eliminate one of many sources of stress in my life. I've decided to only post the patterns for the super awesome hats on Etsy.  I have the patterns of all the hats I've made, but I'm just going to let them be available by request or through ravelry-- . So if you're interested in this pattern (or the hat itself!), just drop me a note!
Take care!

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Amanda said...

Adorable! It's totally firecrackery! I love the pom-poms. Will you do a fish one next so I can comment and say that it's o-fish-ally awesome?