Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weeks 21 & 22: Finally!

I am so far behind with my posts! Sorry about that. At least I'm still finishing the hats in a timely fashion.  Here's the reveal of my first ever reversible hat! Drum roll please.......
I know, in this photo, not so cute, just a little odd. It looks like a sock gone horribly wrong. Or something you'd see on
(which I highly recommend--their tagline is "Where DIY meets WTF").
 In reality though, super cute. The watermelon inside has some nice pink and white variegation at the base and I think the seed pattern turned out really well.
 Of the two, I actually think I like the stripey side better!  I think I'd like to make just this one to wear around (for the baby, not for me--although I think I could pull it off).  It has a cute little vine right at the top.
 So cute. So drooly.
 This whole project was a interesting math experiment for me--not my strong suit. I started at the top of the watermelon shell and had to figure out how to increase to the regular hat size which is opposite of how I normally do it.
 It turns back and forth really easily. I was kind of concerned about it bunching up and having to tack the hats together, but no need.
 I love these two pictures--Squeaker is looking at one of the cookbooks I just got from my dad. They were my grandmother's and since JM and I love to cook, he passed them on to me. Squeaks is "reading" Quick and Easy Dishes: Favorite Recipes of Home Economics Teachers. My grandmother, Evelyn, was an English teacher for 30 some years and I'm guessing she must have been friends with the home ec teacher because she has a whole series of those books!
He wasn't reading about watermelon recipes, but he did choose a great one called "Heavenly Pineapple Dessert."  It involves gelatin, pineapple syrup, and cool whip.
Hmm. How cute would a pineapple hat be?  I may have to add that to the list.

Here's the hat pattern, which as agreed, features directions for 1: the outer stripey shell, 2. the inner watermelon fruit, 3. both hats as a reversible.

And here's the link for the hat itself:

I am hard at work on the hat for week 23!
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Amanda said...

Super, super cute! Love it. So watermelony. What I really love is that the child wearing it has a special secret (no one else would really know about the reversability). So great!

ErinM said...