Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 26: How could this hat not make your day?

Seriously. This is the CUTEST hat I have made in a while--it is in the top 5 for this year too!  Love, love, love it.

It has seriously sweet little wings, a comb, beak, and cutie-patootie little chicken legs that double as ties.

I like this set of photos because it makes Squeaks look like a Viking. Ooh, ooh! How cute would that be for a hat?

A couple of self-portraits. Oh, wait, did I remember to tell you I dyed my hair blue? Well, I did.

 One of his favorite toys--a gift from Francine's grandma.

Those legs just kill me!

Take care!


Amanda said...

ADORABLE! I love those legs! Cluck-tastic!

Anonymous said...

Kate, that hat is so, so cute! I, too, love the legs!

Bob said...

Love the hair! I also love the hat! I think that a purple and gold viking hat would be perfect for football season for Francine this fall! I would purchase something like that on etsy.... hint hint! :)

ErinM said...

All right, this Packer fan does not like the way it looks like a Viking hat, I'll just come out and say it.

HOWEVER, as a chicken hat, I LOVE the legs!

The hair looks great, too!