Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week 31: Did you know there is a World Carrot Museum?

I didn't either. Not until this very moment. It seems appropriate then, that this week's hat is a lovely, luscious, delicious carrot!

       Squeaker was "helping" me pick tomatoes and having a grand old time. I did knit this hat using some carrot-y colored wool yarn, so he was only able to wear it for about 2 minutes before spontaneously combusting.
I dug up a few tiny carrots from the garden for him to play with. I thought they would be cute props for our "photo shoot." Little did I know, he would proceed to play with them for the next 20 minutes. Interestingly enough, he didn't once try to put them in his mouth.

The tomato was a different story. He did put that in his mouth and actually bit into it. I think he was very surprised by the taste! None of his other toys have exploded when he chewed on them.

Enjoy this week's hat--and go check out the World Carrot Museum!

Take care!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week 30: They sure are cute when they're little.

It's true. Baby raccoons are among the cutest baby animals you will ever see. They have tiny little ears and a sweet fuzzy little face. Adorable. Frickin' adorable.  

That's this week's hat, one of those cute little raccoons. 

Hurray for corn!  We have been eating sweet corn every night. Squeaker had a great time helping us pick it.
 Look at that little Davy Crockett tail!
 Spying on the chickens.......

Take care!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week 29: What a corny hat.

We had our first ears of sweet corn on Monday--fresh from the garden. When we ate them, they were just minutes picked. Mmmm. What a delicious way to celebrate the hat for week 29!

It has a lovely green band, wide ribbing for the kernels, and a perfect little puff of corn silk on the top. 

It's finger-lickin' good--Squeaker agrees!

What's on the docket for week 30?  Well, every year there is a varmit that vandalizes my dad's sweet corn crop.  Can you guess what it is?

Take care!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week 28: Hooo could it be?

Obviously, the cutest baby ever. The universe seemed to be telling me I needed to make this hat. In the same day I had a friend send me a link to some super cute crocheted owl hats on Etsy and I also receive a delightfully owlish wedding invitation from another friend. Hurray for owls!
More outdoor photographs! Squeaker thoroughly enjoys the new locale. So many good things to see, smell and sample. He tried to put that flower in his mouth no less than a dozen times.

I have mixed emotions about the crocheted owl-y eyes. They are either my most favorite or my least favorite part of the hat, I can't decided. 

Actually, the tassels are my favorite, which means the eyes lose.

I love the view of the choppers in this pictures! Still only two.....
It's almost sweet corn time!  The corn in the garden is so close to being ready, I can almost taste it....

Until next week!
Take care,