Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 8: So cute it made me swear.

Actually, it made me swear more than once. It was that cute.The hat itself wasn't too hard,but the cable was a pain in the butt.Mind you, the cable wasn't hard to knit, it was just coming up with a design that looked like what I wanted it to look like that was difficult.
 It does look like a buck, though I didn't do the greatest job photographing it.
 I used a seed stitch for the body of the hat and put a sweet little pageboy/newsboy brim on it. Love it.

 Squeaker looked so flippin' adorable in it, I couldn't even believe it.
 It gave me an idea for another hat down the line; it will have to wait a few weeks--I already have next week's hat in the planning!  

 I will be mailing this hat to my nephew (Ky-Guy, watch your mailbox!!)--I made my brother swear to send me pictures...We'll see. I think Ky will love it, he's one of those rare kids who appreciates handmade gifts. Every year I knit him something for Christmas--he has quite a collection at this point: a penguin, 2 pigs (I made him one and he loved it so much I had to make an emergency replacement pig for when the first one was in the wash), a donkey, a lego man, and some other random animals--and every time I see him, he brings out the whole collection and says, "Aunt Kate, I still have all the things you made me!" It makes my heart burst.

Here's the pattern link:

Take care!


Erika said...

Cutest hat yet! Good work! Your little guy is getting so big too.

Anna said...

The hat plus the overalls is a winning combination every time!