Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 8: Doe, a deer

Okay, actually it's a buck. This week I am working on a hat for my nephew. His birthday is coming up soon and this hat will be perfect for him. Ky is going to be 7(!!) which I just can't believe. All my family members are devoted John Deere fans, we all have sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, and of, course, some kind of John Deere tractor. I planned to make some kind of fair isle pattern with the Deere logo, but dropped that in favor of something more original. I found a lovely beige yarn and I'm working on a cable pattern that looks like a deer, complete with antlers. I think I want to put a brim on it too, page-boy style. So far so good.....I'll keep you posted!. Ky has recently started bow hunting with my dad, which I think is fabulous for both of them. I love that they get to spend such quality time with each other. I hope he likes the hat, it will keep his head warm next winter and maybe it will bring good luck on the hunt!

Take care!

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Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, it is going to be adorable! I love the cable/brim idea.