Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 6: You say tomato, I say tomato....

That's right folks, this week, it's a tomato hat!  I'm knitting this one in lovely red and green cotton. This hat is going to our prize winner Sara and her daughter MJ. MJ is one of those babies who is always hot and I was afraid if I made her a hat out of wool or acrylic, she might light on fire.

Knitting this hat is making me so anxious to get out in the garden!  I was at the store the other day and saw the seed packets in that spin-y thing at the end of the aisle. I almost started drooling. We still have lots of tomatoes--canned in the pantry, roasted in the freezer, dried in jars in the cabinet, a few precious jars of salsa left--but I'm itching to get planting. I think this year I'm going to plant Romas, Amish Paste, Black Krim (my FAVORITES!), and something new, like the Hillbilly or the Mortgage Lifter. Good gravy I love the names of heirloom veggies!

Take care!

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Sara said...

Yay! Very excited :-)