Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 3: Go, Pack, Go--part 2

Hello folks! It's all done and here's the pattern link:

My goodness this turned out cute!  It's clearly a bit big on the Squeaker--despite the fact that his head size falls in the 90th percentile....That's okay, as this hat is meant as a gift for a 15 month old.  Squeaker is busy modeling my favorite of his cloth diaper covers--the cow print, or bovine booty as I call it. It seems so appropriate: a Packers Hat and a cow butt!

 The hat is a pretty simple striped pattern--with a nice wide band of ribbing at the bottom so it can be adjusted as baby gets bigger.

Pompoms rock!

This picture is my favorite--he's totally saying, "Oh, no!  I'm so embarrassed to be caught like this!"  Hee, what a cutie.

So, Baby Zeke, watch your mailbox!  I hope it makes it before game day.

Go Packers!

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