Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 4: Baby Valentine's Hat

I am ridiculously proud of this hat!  It involves my first ever attempt at creating a Fair Isle knitting pattern. It was a simple pattern, just one heart repeating. It was a good place to start, since next week's hat involves me creating a more complex pattern.

 I realize I've turned into one of those gushy parents who thinks their baby is the cutest ever--but seriously?  Look at those eyes.
 I was pretty pleased with how the color scheme worked out. I'm trying to work through my yarn stash as much as possible with this year long project. I'm not great at being able to tell what colors will look well together when a project is finished. Fortunately, this attempt was successful.

I debated on several different ways to top this hat--a pompom, I-cord sewn into a heart shape, a tassel, and knitting a little heart to dangle from an I-cord. I actually tried the little heart idea first and it just looked weird. The tassel is much cuter. 
Here's the pattern link, if you're interested!
 Have a great day!


Amanda said...

ADORABLE!!! Love it. And I like what you did on the top of it... totally cute.

dh said...

I love this! I would love the pattern, but it says it's expired on Etsy. Any chance I could still purchase it from you?

Brenda S. said...

Your pattern is no longer available on Etsy. Can I possibly still purchase it from you?