Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 5: We have a winner!

Well, I thought the clue was a little tougher than that, however, I had not one, but two people guess correctly on the very first day!

The animal was a giraffe; congratulations to Sara!  She's a fabulous veterinary surgeon and was one of the 3 other people I work with who were pregnant at the same time as I.  Her daughter is almost exactly 7 weeks younger than the Squeaker. MJ will be receiving her own adorable hat in the next few weeks.

I'm still going to post some of the other interesting giraffe facts that I found, 'cause it's fun. You never know when such trivia might come in handy!

Fact #2: Male giraffes will often neck wrestle to establish dominance in their herd.

I do that too, whenever I have to lay the smackdown on JM. Hee.

Take care!

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