Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week 2: What do ZZ Top and Connie Stevens have in common?

They both have muppet parodies--ZZ Top actually has a musical number--The group is "Over the Top" and the song is "The ZZ Blues."  The video is pretty cute. It is my dream to have my own muppet version of myself--I wonder what it would look like?  I need to hurry up and do something famous enough to warrant that kind of honor.

Since I probably won't ever have my own muppet...I decided to do the next best thing--knit a muppet hat!  I'm starting it today. I envision blue, big nose--maybe red?--crazy ears, crazier eyebrows, and some awesome hair. How can it not be adorable? 

Stay warm folks--it's a balmy 25 degrees here.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

You know what they say... the eyebrows make the hat. Oh wait, no, they don't say that. But they will after seeing your Muppet hat!