Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 1: The intro

Here's the premise:

A hat a week, every week for a year. Simple idea, probably a lot of work. Right before my baby was born I developed a burning need to knit him something to wear home from the hospital. As I latched onto this idea only days before I was due, a sweater was to involved, but a hat was just right! I made him a sweet little pumpkin hat and my obsession with adorable baby hats was born right along with my cute little squeaking model.

Since the pumpkin hat, I have made an acorn, a hunter's cap, a Christmas tree, and a badger hat. The Squeaker is nothing if not fashionably dressed.

So we begin week one. I'm probably crazy, trying to knit 52 hats in the next year while among other things:
1. Raising a baby
2. Going back to work
3. Remodeling a kitchen
4. (*Hopefully*) Selling a house

Hey, I still maintain that it will be better (and cheaper!) than therapy!

May the knitting begin!

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Amanda said...

I'm in love! Super super super awesome blog, Kate! It's in my Google reader...