Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week 51: Moo to you!

Oh, so sweet!  This little cow hat turned out great!  I took a lesson from the giraffe hat I made and created a spotted pattern, complete with darling ears, and the best part: 
Perfect horns!

 It has 2 colored ears--one black, one white, as JM said, "Just like a real cow would." Heehee. 
Squeaker looked particularly darling in his tiny bib-alls and flannel shirt. He now knows "hat" and will regularly point to his head when you say that word, or if you (or anyone else) has a hat on. It is, of course, stinking cute. 
My favorite picture.

 I'm hard at work on hat 52.....

Here's the cow pattern link, if you are interested!
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Amanda said...

Super adorable! The ears and horns are amazing.