Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100,000 stitches, give or take.

Well. I'm done. I actually made 52 hats in 52 weeks. Looking back, I can't believe it. I did a rough calculation and I knitted at least 100,000 stitches in that time. Wow. If only I had a dollar for every stitch.....

Here were the work horses of my year: 
2 sets of size 6 bamboo circular needles, 16 inches. I made every single hat this year on these needles. I bet they are glad to take a rest now. 

My other never-leave-home-without-it standby:

My handy-dandy knitting kit. It has my essentials, like scissors, a tape measure, a crochet hook. Plus the really important things like chapstick and hand-lotion. 

So, what now? It makes me sad to think that my blog is all done because I knitted my year of hats.  I went through my list of  hat ideas and I still have a bunch I want to try to design and make. While I don't think I am mentally prepared for another year of a hat a week, maybe a hat a month?  Here's what's still on my list:
1.       Argyle hat
2.       Robin hood hat
3.       Frankenstein hat
4.       Cherry hat
5.       Zebra hat
6.       Tiger hat
7.       Lion hat
8.       Cowboy hat
9.       Octopus hat
10.   Broccoli hat
11.   Sweet pea hat hat
12.   Popcorn
13.   Biker hat
14.   Reindeer hat
15.   Princess leia hat
16.   Darth Vader hat
17.   Mustache hat
18.   Sheep hat
19.   Puppy hat
20.   Hippo hat
21.   Panda hat
22.   Viking hat

That's almost 2 more years right there. Plus, I have all sorts of other knitting projects in mind.....Let's do that then, shall we? My new blog is a year of hats--a new hat for every month, plus some other fun knitting stuff on the side. 
Well, Squeaker is napping, so I'm off to knit something completely un-hat-related!

Take care,


Erika said...

Congratulations! Would love to see Squeaker in a broccoli hat...:)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Kate congratulations on your awesome accomplishment! I look forward to seeing you continue to make hats...especially the hippo hat!

Kerry :)