Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 36: Candy Corn at the Alamo!

 I wasn't able to get pictures of this hat taken before we loaded up and flew to San Antonio. I was speaking at another conference, so we had our second plane ride in just about 2 weeks. It was hectic, but we made it.
It was *only* about 90 degrees when I took these photos. Fortunately, Squeaks was a good sport and didn't try to put the hat off (very often anyway...). Don't you love the historic and beautiful Alamo in the background?  
 I think it totally classes my blog up to have photographs of the baby with a 175 year old southern treasure. 
He was obsessed with the various flags and flagpoles they had outside the building. I thought for certain Squeaks was going to break the flagpole that held the briskly waving flag of Texas, it was going to hit the ground and get dirty, and we were going to A. Get arrested, B. Get run out of the state of Texas, C. Get shot. Those Texans are intensely proud of their state.

 Fortunately, the flagpole held and we are still able to hold our head up high in the land of Texas.
Isn't this the sweetest piece of candy corn you've ever seen?
A delicious olive is coming your way soon!

Take care!

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Amanda said...

Love it! Looks good enough to eat... trick or treat!