Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week 32: Ode to Olive

Yes, I'm aware I'm way behind. I think most of the people who may read this blog know by now that we euthanized our kitty Olive 2 weeks ago. I didn't feel much like knitting that weekend and fell a little behind with my project. I'm almost caught up though. 

My hat for last week is dedicated to our kitty. I got Olive when I was in college. She was 9 when I got her--her people didn't want her anymore because she was too much work. Other than being more than a little in love with her food bowl, I had nary an issue with her over the next 11 years. That's right, my old girl lived to the overripe age of 20. Pretty impressive. She was quite senile toward the end and we still think she never even realized there was a baby in the house.

Both of my cats are gray long-hairs, but Olive was downright puffy. The hat I made in her honor is pretty puffy too. I double stranded the yarn, using regular gray acrylic yarn and some super fuzzy gray mohair that JM and I got on our honeymoon in Ireland.
 It is a pretty basic hat, plain stockinette with two cute little kitty ears.

I was a little worried Squeaker was going to light on fire--this hat is thick!  I think he was actually sweating when I took the hat off.

He did pose for one picture with our other kitty Twiggy. She was pretty indifferent about the whole thing.

This hat was my best way to pay my respects to a great friend that I cared for very much. Be at peace Olive my love. 

I promise next week's hat will be cheerier. Here's the inspiration:
Take care,


Anna said...

I'm so very sorry about Olive. I hope she has found peace and is eating all the kibble she wants.

Amanda said...

It is really perfect.