Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 35: Scary, but not too scary.

My whole hat making obsession began with the pumpkin hat I knit Squeaker to come home from the hospital in. Since it's been almost a year(!!), that hat is far too small and it's time for a new pumpkin hat. This week's hat is a super cute Jack O'Lantern hat!  Complete with scary--but not too scary--toothy grin and a perfect little stem.
 I love how both the hat and the baby have a matching toothy grin.

 We went to the local orchard today; naturally, we took advantage of the pumpkin/Squeaker photo ops.
 I think this could be my favorite picture of this whole project!
 That's a huge pumpkin!
 Much more Squeaker's size.
A delicious snack after a hard day of modeling. 

Take care!

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Amanda said...

Boo! That is one adorable pumpkin! I love the jack-o-lantern-y mouth especially!