Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 14: Egg-tastic!

I finished this hat Saturday morning, so Squeaker was able to wear it all Easter weekend!

 It totally looks like an Easter Egg, complete with zig-zags

stripes, and dots. Just like in Mrs. Noreen's first grade class.

As always, Squeaker was an excellent model. We like this one because he looks like he's Santa Claus holding his belly and laughing.

And I have mixed feelings about this one--he looks so cute, but he also looks like such a little boy and not just a baby.

This is what was on the back of his pants:

Love it!

Take care,
PS Here's the pattern link if you're interested:

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Amanda said...

Seriously he gets cuter every week! I love the hat... it's egg-cellent!