Thursday, April 21, 2011

Week 14: Easter Eggs

Remember when you were a kid around Easter time and your teacher would give everyone sheets with pictures of Easter eggs for you to color in?  The more garish the colors the better.

What was with the zig zag? I drew it on every single Easter egg picture I ever colored. Cartoon Easter eggs are the inspiration for this week's hat. I have hopes that it will embody the essence of the crayon-art Easter eggs.

We'll see how it goes!
Take care,


Janellybean said...

YOU READ MY MIND! I spent a good chunk of my trip to work this morning pondering Easter/Spring hat ideas for you. I started out thinking about your freaking adorable bunny hat that lucky-duck Francine gets to wear (the pompom tail!) and ended by wondering if it was possible to knit zig-zags to look like an Egg (and not have it wind up looking like a 1970's afghan). Had other ideas in between, but am out of room! Can't wait to see this one. :) J

Janellybean said...

How do you make zig-zags on a real egg? None of my Easter Eggs ever had zig-zags. Probably have to hand paint it.