Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 12: And the winner is....

The winning haiku:

springtime renweal
gray leaves and color arrives
make francine the hat

I laughed outloud when I read it. The lovely daughter of Sara and Bob will be receiving her very own Easter hat shortly. I did say it was this week's hat, but that was a small lie--it will actually be next week's hat. Francine will still have it in plenty of time for Easter.  Sara--measure Francine's noggin and let me know!

This week's hat is going to be for a raffle at work. The Porcine Interest Group--or PIG--is having their annual "Pig Out" picnic and I'm going to donate a pig hat for their table. Super exciting!

Take care,

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Bob said...

THanks Kate, Bob really wrote it, with some "advice" and prodding from me, I really wanted to win one! I will measure her head and send you an email! YEA!