Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 11: Little Bunny Foo-Foo

So, JM doesn't think it looks like a bunny head. I do. My first attempt, now that looked nothing like a rabbit. It looked like a purple and white blob. This, however, looks like a string of bunny faces!  Yikes, designing intarsia patterns that actually look like what there supposed to is harder than I expected.

He also said Squeaker looks like a Canadian in this hat. Whaa? 

He did agree it is cute, so we have that in common!
Here's the pattern if you are interested:
Remember, just a few short hours left to enter the "Haiku for Hat" contest!  Good luck!

Take care,


Amanda said...

Now we know what a Canadian looks like! It's adorable. I think they look like little sitting bunnies- the big part on the bottom is the body. But now that you say that about bunny faces, I totally see it. Hop!

ErinM said...

I'm with Amanda, I thought at first they were bunny bodies, like Peeps, but I can also see bunny face as well. Of course, you could always make tiny pompoms and sew them on for tails...just an idea!

Does this child ever NOT smile? He's so darn cute!