Saturday, May 28, 2011

Week 19: Is it cheating?

Is it cheating to make a reversible hat and call it two hats? JM says yes. I say no. For weeks 20 and 21, I have plans to make a reversible watermelon hat--shell on the outside, pink with seeds on the inside. I have been dreaming of an entire series of reversible hats, but I have been counting each complete set as two hats. Each one would have two separate patterns and could be knit independently if the artist so chose. JM says it only works if I actually knit each hat individually and stitch it together. I think that's ludicrous. What do you think, faithful readers?

Week 19's hat is in full swing. We're on our way out the door to a cookout and I hope to get some serious hat knitting done!

Take care,


Amanda said...

Definitely not cheating! I love it! What about a reversible coconut hat? That might end up looking like just a brown and white hat... but your watermelon is going to be awesome!

ErinM said...

I also say not cheating. It's gonna take 2 weeks to make something like that!

As for Amanda's idea of a coconut hat, that would be cool if you found just the right yarn with some shag to it for the outside (aren't coconuts hairy?)