Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 16: A rose by any other name....

April showers bring May flowers, or so they say. In our case, April showers seem to have brought May showers. In an attempt to bring some color into our lives, I decided to make Squeaker a flower hat. Specifically, week 16 was a rose hat.  I think it looks great.

 It has an elegant spiral pattern that outlines the "petals."

And some nifty color work to show the leaves and stem.

 Oh, so, cute.
This is the first hat that doesn't have a designated recipient!  I decided to post the hat itself for sale on Etsy too. Here is the link for the hat:
And here is the link for the pattern:
You know, if you're interested.

I'm thinking of more flowers to come this month!  For week 17, I've been trying to figure out a tulip hat. I have some lovely lavender yarn that I think would look nice. I want to figure out how to knit up separate petals. I still need to ponder it some more. I'll keep you posted!

Take care!

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Amanda said...

Adorable! So rosy! Can't wait to see your tulip hat-- it's going to be beautiful!