Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 41: The itsy bitsy spider.

I love Halloween! I had so much fun with this series of hats. I managed to eek in one final "halloweenie" type hat. 
 Although, given the number of spiders that have moved in and taken up residence in the corners of the living room, a spiderweb hat could be appropriate for months to come.
This hat was very easy. It is just a regular grey knit cap, with white stitching put on afterward to mimic the web.
Topped off with a little purple spider. I did cheat and crocheted the spider. What? Can't knitters embellish with some crochet now and then?
If I were to make this hat again, I would chose a different color for the spider. I thought a tiny lilac spider would be so sweet, but it doesn't provide enough contrast against the grey background. Maybe a dark purple? Or standard old black?
Still, it totally looks like a spiderweb! And Squeaker is totally adorable in it!

Coming soon, a baby bear!  Or so I hope....

Take care,

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